Oceania is one of the most unique regions of our planet today. It includes the continent of Australia and the geographic areas of Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia.

It is the smallest land grouping in the world. It receives its name due to the fact that much of the covered area is ocean instead of land.

The geographic extremes of Oceania stretch from the Bonin Islands, which are part of Japan, to Hawaii, which is a state of the United States. Islands belonging to France, New Zealand, Chile, and Australia are included in this diverse mix of cultures as well.

What makes a journey through Oceania so worthwhile is the effort required to reach each destination. Many of the islands are quite remote, which has preserved the local culture in ways that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. Because the international date line passes through Oceania, some islands are a full day behind other destinations.

Yet, because of political affiliations, there are also destinations that require very little planning to achieve a perfect holiday experience.

The biome diversity found within this region is surprisingly diverse as well. You can experience the ruggedness of the Australian outback or enjoy the white sands of a beach located in the middle of the ocean. Thick forests, coral reefs, cave networks, and many more natural wonders await your arrival as well.

Oceania provides visitors with an option to plan a holiday which best suits their needs. Seek out your next destination today.

Below you find a list of the Oceania countries from A-Z