Moldova facts and travel tips

If you love a grand adventure, then you’re going to love what Moldova has in store for you. It might have been considered an unusual travel destination in the past, but that is no longer the case.  Even so, the number of officially counted tourists annually is often less than 100,000 people, which means you’ve got an opportunity right now to see something authentic, incredible, and inspiring.

Moldova Has Some of the Best Vineyards

The climate of Moldova is perfect for the growing wine industry, so make time to tour the vineyards that are just now beginning to produce at higher levels. Some of the wines you’ll find here, in fact, are often rated some of the best in the world. Even when enjoying a wine tour, you’ll find the hospitality here is warm and authentic, just like the wine.

It’s a Blast From the Past

One of the things that makes Moldova unique is that there is still an atmosphere being influenced by the old Soviet Union on display. It’s one of the few places in the world where you’ll find multiple statues and busts of Vladimir Lenin still lining city streets. Sections of the country are firmly Russian in its atmosphere and culinary opportunities, yet the rustic countryside still holds an incomparable charm.

Impressive Ottoman Influences

You’ll find impressive fortresses that date back to the 16tth century that allowed that were the focus of conflict between the Ottoman Empire and the Russians. Museums outline the history of the region, local arts and creative influences, and artifacts that have been uncovered over the years. Best of all, because Moldova is Europe’s least visited nation, many of the opportunities to explore will let you do so at your own pace.

Moldova is a land full of wonder and enchantment. It may be off of the average traveler’s destination maps right now, but that will soon change once everything it has to offer has been discovered.

National Holidays

When are national holidays and no work days ?

See the list with the national holidays in the country.

January 1New Year's Day
January 7Orthodox Christmas
March 8International Women's Day
VariableOrthodox Easter
VariableMemorial Day
May 1Labour Day
May 9Victory Day
May 22B?l?i DayOnly in B?l?i
June 1Children's Day
July 29Constitution Day
August 27Independence Day
August 31National Language Day
October 14Capital's DayOnly in Chisinau
November 21Cahul DayOnly in Cahul
December 25Christmas Day

Biggest cities

See the list of the biggest and most important cities in the country, and the size of the cities by population.

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Local Covid-19 information

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Total confirmed cases
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Total recovered
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Total active cases
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Total deaths
Updated on October 5, 2022 4:52 pm

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