Central African Republic facts and travel tips

The Central African Republic, or CAR for short, is located centrally on the continent and is rich in mineral reserves. Like many nations in the region, it was initially established as a self-governing colony before it was able to achieve independence. Despite the richness of its natural reserves, however, CAR is frequently listed as one of the poorest nations in the world today.

In 2015, it ranked last in terms of human development. What makes life difficult in the CAR is its physical location. Virtually all goods must be imported, which means they come at a higher cost. That makes resource access quite difficult for many in the region.

Traveling to CAR means understanding the current political environment. Since it achieved independence, numerous forms of government have been attempted – including a monarchy. A good rule of thumb for a visit to this nation is to practice war zone safety measures at all times. Local officials expect bribes for movement, so be prepared to pay or have personal items or identification confiscated.

When you do get into the country, there are some amazing natural wonders that can be found. The Chutes de Boali in particular, waterfalls that are 50m in height, are very impressive. You can also make your way into Dzanga-Sangha National Park to view elephants and gorillas. Try visiting the rainforests of Bayanga as well for unique encounters with wildlife.

A holiday in the CAR is challenging, but not necessarily impossible. With the right planning and enough local assistance, it could be an amazing adventure.

National Holidays

When are national holidays and no work days ?

See the list with the national holidays in the country.

DateEnglish Name
January 1New Year's Day
March 29Boganda Day
VariableEaster Monday
May 1Labour Day
VariableWhit Monday
June 30General Prayer Day
August 13Independence Day
August 15Assumption
November 1All Saints Day
December 1Republic Day
December 25Christmas Day

Biggest cities

See the list of the biggest and most important cities in the country, and the size of the cities by population.

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Covid-19 / Coronavirus statistics

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Central African Republic
Total confirmed cases
Updated on October 4, 2022 11:28 am
Central African Republic
Total recovered
Updated on October 4, 2022 11:28 am
Central African Republic
Total active cases
Updated on October 4, 2022 11:28 am
Central African Republic
Total deaths
Updated on October 4, 2022 11:28 am

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