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Country facts - Biggest cities

What are the names of the largest cities in the country, and how big are the cities by population.

Easy overview of the informations in the sortable table below. Please note that the informations comes from various sources,if you are using the informations professional you should get confirmation that the figures are actual.

Last update august 2017

1Brussels1.138.854 Brussels-Capital Region
2Antwerp466.203 Flemish Region
3Ghent235.143 Flemish Region
4Charleroi201.550 Wallonia
5Liège188.907 Wallonia
6Bruges116.982 Flemish Region
7Namur107.653 Wallonia
8Leuven91.942 Flemish Region
9Mons91.196 Wallonia
10Mechelen78.900 Flemish Region
11Aalst77.790 Flemish Region
12La Louvière77.509 Wallonia
13Kortrijk73.777 Flemish Region
14Hasselt70.584 Flemish Region
15Sint-Niklaas70.016 Flemish Region
16Ostend69.115 Flemish Region
17Tournai67.844 Wallonia
18Genk64.095 Flemish Region
19Seraing61.237 Wallonia
20Roeselare56.268 Flemish Region
21Verviers54.150 Wallonia
22Mouscron53.174 Wallonia
23Beveren45.771 Flemish Region
24Dendermonde43.521 Flemish Region
25Beringen41.531 Flemish Region
26Turnhout39.863 Flemish Region
27Dilbeek39.585 Flemish Region
28Heist-op-den-Berg38.721 Flemish Region
29Sint-Truiden38.427 Flemish Region
30Lokeren38.276 Flemish Region
31Vilvoorde37.964 Flemish Region
32Herstal37.720 Wallonia
33Braine-l'Alleud37.512 Wallonia
34Brasschaat37.133 Flemish Region
35Maasmechelen36.456 Flemish Region
36Ninove35.874 Flemish Region
37Waregem35.831 Flemish Region
38Châtelet35.813 Wallonia
39Geel35.502 Flemish Region
40Halle35.108 Flemish Region
41Ypres34.919 Flemish Region
42Grimbergen34.320 Flemish Region
43Knokke-Heist34.132 Flemish Region
44Lier33.259 Flemish Region
45Schoten33.132 Flemish Region
46Mol33.060 Flemish Region
47Wavre32.576 Wallonia
48Binche32.508 Wallonia
49Menen32.439 Flemish Region
50Evergem32.373 Flemish Region
51Lommel32.141 Flemish Region
52Tienen32.083 Flemish Region
53Geraardsbergen31.543 Flemish Region
54Heusden-Zolder31.017 Flemish Region
55Sint-Pieters-Leeuw30.929 Flemish Region
56Wevelgem30.926 Flemish Region
57Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve30.188 Wallonia
58Bilzen30.173 Flemish Region
59Houthalen-Helchteren30.050 Flemish Region

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